About Us

Alpine Rescue Service Pvt. Ltd. is a premier emergency rescue service provider in Nepal, duly registered with and licensed by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. The company is recognized by Department of Tourism and legally registered within different entities of Nepal within the legal framework of Nepal.

We feel happy to inform you that we are the first professional Assistance Company to organize Air and Surface Rescue Services within the boundary of Nepal. Our team of professionals are well experienced in this field for over 12 years with in-depth knowledge and experience in Nepal’s Aviation Sector, whether it maybe geographical details or even the tiniest details of Aircrafts (Fixed Wing or Rotor Wing) including the knowledge of their Performance.

Our 24/7 team are ready to take up any calls at anytime and anywhere within the boundaries of Nepal and besides Air Rescue Operations, we do have a team of dedicated professionals on the ground for Mission: Save Life operations. Whether it is trekkers, mountaineers or ordinary travelers who are stranded high in the Himalayas or in remote inaccessible regions of Nepal; we are ever-ready to take the challenge to organize any rescue operations. Our ground handling team of professionals that include Doctors, Staff Nurse and Climbing Sherpa will ensure the search and rescue operation is efficiently carried out. Whenever the situation arises, we have even ‘walked the extra mile’ to rescue the local poor people or even porters by means of Air or Surface Rescue operations foregoing any monetary gains. In some cases we have in fact ‘walked the extra mile’ by contributing from our own pockets. As such we sincerely believe in giving back to the society too.

Profile of our Team Leaders:

Managing Director - Alpine Rescue Service, Nepal

Mr. Prakash Chandra Lohani is the founder and the Chairman of Alpine Rescue Service Pvt. Ltd. With his entrepreneurship and dedication, his career in the tourism sector of Nepal is nearing its third decade. For over a decade, he has been actively involved in providing helicopter rescue and charter services to foreign and domestic clients. His job experiences and involvement are outlined below.

His other experiences and involvement encompasses a wide array of initiatives in the field of Education, Financial Institutions, Hotels and Energy Development sector. 


Director - Alpine Rescue Service, Nepal

Mr. Ram Nepal (full name: Ram Bahadur Nepal Chhetri), the Managing Director of Alpine Rescue Service Pvt. Ltd., has had a very diverse yet successful career in the field of tourism since 1995.

Mr. Nepal was born in Salyankot of Dhading District, Nepal. While still in his late teenage, he started working as a trekking and tour guide for a private tour company based in Kathmandu. With his dynamic personality and professionalism, he took every opportunity he got to diversify, and tested his capabilities in various other sectors including community programs, national and international non-government organizations, and so on. His various job experiences and involvement is outlined below.

  • Trekking and tour guide for nearly 9 years
  • Volunteer: Partnership Society (Calgary, Canada), worked in the western Nepal program for 3 years
  • Managing Director: at Eagle Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. since October 2009
  • Volunteer: Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (International Office –  Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Member: Association for Tourism, Nepal
  • President: Shoes for Porters
  • Member: Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)
  • Promoter: Himalayan Nirvana Resort, Kakani, Nepal
  • Promoter: Hotel Jampa, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal



Col. (Retd) Sanjay Parajuli is the Operation Director of Alpine Rescue Service Pvt. Ltd. Col. Sanjay recently retired from Nepal Army with the rank of Full Colonel after serving 26 yrs. He immediately joined a private security firm as a Director of Administration and Training to continue work. He worked as a short term (One Year) consultant with a prestigious international not-for-profit organisation and helped them with negotiation with the government and local community on a large important project. In many of his missions with the military and the UN peace-keeping missions in Congo, Bosnia, Sudan, etc. the Col has been exposed to incredibly harsh, unfriendly, highly sensitive, pressure-filled and tricky situations that involved life-threatening security issues, which gave him a wide breadth of experience of the type that allowed him to exercise discipline, follow strict instructions, make accurate decisions, identify and implement strategies to objectives, contain fear and have the drive and determination to exceed set targets, and many such tools that will allow his clients faith in him and his work.
He has also trained with the best of the best in the Sandhurst Military Academy in the UK and also served at the United Nation HQ in NYC but in contradiction has also had the privilege working with as well as sharing with the most impoverished and the least educated personnel and people in Nepal and also across the world in war-ridden countries.

1. Second in Command as a Lt. Colonel at the Deputy Chief Military Observer Office (DCMO) of the UN Peacekeeping Mission or UNAMID in SUDAN
2. Chief Aide De Camp or ADC to His Excellency, the President of Nepal
3. Battalion Commander as a Lt. Colonel in Far Western and Central regions of Nepal
4. Watch Keeper as a Major, at the Strategic Military Cell at the United Nations HQ in New York
5. Major, Company Commander
6. Operation Officer as a Major, at the Nepalese Battalion in United Nations Mission in Congo (MONUC)
7. Training Instructor as a Major, at the Nepalese Military Academy
8. Logistics and Adjutant Officer of a Battalion
9. Duty Officer in (UN Peace Keeping Mission in Former Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR)